iPad Mini 2 Reviews – Sped Up & Slimmed Down – The New iPad Air

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iPad Mini 2 Reviews – The New iPad Air – Welcome To The Revolution

iPad Mini 2 Reviews - The New iPad Air

iPad Mini 2 Reviews – The New iPad Air

If you’ve been paying attention, you probably noticed that the old run of the mill iPad hasn’t really changed much since it first came on the scene almost 3 years ago. Sure it got faster and the display was improved, heck it even got a little bit heftier in regards to how thick it is. But these changes were just sort of evolutionary as the iPad came of age.

Recently Apple pulled back the curtain on a new iPad – the iPad Air and in the immortal words of Monty Python their marketing should have started with: “and now for something completely different”.

Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – So The iPad Air Is Different, What Does That Mean Exactly?

iPad Mini 2 Reviews - The New iPad Air

iPad Mini 2 Reviews – The New iPad Air

In a nutshell Apple has revolutionized the iPad, not just evolved it. While retaining the 9.7 inch screen we all love they’ve trimmed the overall size down significantly by trimming down the bezel (the area surrounding the actual touch screen), they’ve lightened it, and they’ve made it thinner overall. This brings the overall size and feel of the iPad Aircloser to the iPad Mini. This is a change that many iPad fans will love. I know that my significant other really likes the iPad Mini much better because as she puts it “with smaller hands it’s easier to hang on to and I don’t really feel like I’m in danger of dropping it all the time”.

This makes the iPad Air even more portable than it was before and the truth is that they are built quite solidly of aluminum, unlike some of its main competitors who have resorted to using plastic bodies to lighten the load. Overall the iPad Air is probably still the best choice in terms of power and performance and durability when it comes to tablet computers.

In terms of pure specs, the iPad Air comes packed with the A7 Chip which brings 64 bit computing power, advanced wireless (802.11 a,b,g,n 2.4Ghz & 5GHz with MIMO), and the Retina Display. Additionally it includes the Facetime HD camera, 1080p HD video recording and a 5 Megapixel camera. All of this comes in at a 24 percent reduction in overall volume. In plain talk that means: same screen size, lots more power and connectivity, and it weighs just one pound. With all of this, the iPad Air still maintains a very respectable 10 hour battery life.

Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – The iPad Air – Trouble In Paradise?

However, it’s not all wine and roses, and there are still some things about the iPad that I don’t care for.

To begin with, we have the same things that always come up in any discussion of Apple vs the world products. Mainly the price – lets face it, Apple products are still considered premium products and the iPad Air is no exception. Its base price of $500 puts it squarely at the top of the pile in terms of price just to get in to the Apple ecosystem. This of course warrants a mention too. The Apple ecosystem means that once you’ve bought in, you’re locked in to the App Store for all of your software needs and you will be forever. If you’re already an iPhone or iMac user then of course this won’t be an issue at all but if this is your first Apple purchase it is something to consider.

Let’s talk about the iPad Air hardware. While it’s great, it isn’t the greatest. The truth is, that while the Retina Display is pretty awesome, it does fall a bit short of the top Android tablets. For the average iPad user this probably won’t be that big of a deal but for those who want the fastest/best graphics, they’ll need to look outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – The iPad Air – Still The Best Choice

iPad Mini 2 Reviews - The New iPad Air

iPad Mini 2 Reviews – The New iPad Air

Regardless of its shortcomings the iPad Air is still a strong performer. If you’re ready to upgrade an older model iPad and want to stay with Apple then this is definitely the way to go. If you’re new to the Apple scene and are looking to get a tablet that is small but still delivers a big screen and great performance then this is an outstanding choice. The truth is that arguments about Apple’s ecosystem usually fail to mention that fact that none of its competitors can deliver as rich a catalog of tablet apps. Also don’t forget that Apple now includes the iLife and iWorks apps for free with every iPad Air! While Google and Microsoft have made steady strides in their respective app markets they both still have quite a bit of catching up to do. Ultimately, premium pricing aside, the iPad Air and Apple App Store ecosystem are still the leaders and best choice for most consumers.

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