iPad Mini 2 Review – What’s All The Hullaballoo?

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Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – Does the iPad Mini 2 Deliver?

Welcome to iPad Mini 2 Reviews where we’ll take a look at the latest tablets from Apple, Google, Samsung and others. Our goal is deliver information that will help you make a decision about which of these tablets is right for you and deliver that information in plain English without lots of tech jargon and confusing terms.

Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – Overview

iPad Mini 2 Reviews - Overview

iPad Mini 2 Reviews – Overview

Apple has just announced the next generation of iPad Mini, appropriately (and somewhat lazily, I might add) dubbed the iPad Mini 2. We managed to get some hands-on time with it and here’s what we think about the newest addition to the iPad Mini family.

The new iPad Mini 2 brings quite a few changes and upgrades which will probably ensure that it retains its position as “King of the Hill” in the world of small form tablet computing for the foreseeable future. The biggest (and probably most anticipated) feature is the upgrade of the display from the previous iteration to the Retina Display. The upgraded display was a long sought after upgrade – remember, there was quite a bit of disappointment when the original iPad Mini was revealed as it did not include the Retina Display. This one upgrade in particular is going to result in a lot of happy Apple customers as many of the original adopters upgrade to the latest model. The review comes in at 7.9 inches with a resolution of 2048×1536.

To go along with that beautiful new display there’s a big boost in processing power, improved camera, and better connectivity. All of these improvements together make the iPad Mini 2 a vast improvement over the original iPad Mini. Photographers and those who appreciate the arts will really appreciate the drastically improved resolution that the Retina Display brings.

iPad Mini 2 Reviews – The Camera

The new upgraded camera comes in at 5 megapixels and while you can certainly find more powerful cameras on the latest cellphones the new model is significantly improved. The iPad Mini 2 won’t be a replacement for your primary camera but it certainly feels less awkward than holding up a large sized tablet and the photos we took were a definite improvement. The combination of the improved screen and camera makes the exercise of snapping and viewing photos more satisfying as you can easily examine the quality of your photos. Also included is a new Face Time HD camera with improved sensor for better video calls. This is paired with dual mics that filter background noise much better and improve audio when doing a video recording, using Face Time or bossing Siri around.

Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – High Performance Hot Rod

iPad Mini 2 Reviews - High Performance Hot Rod

iPad Mini 2 Reviews – High Performance Hot Rod

The original iPad Mini shipped with the A5 chip and 512MB of RAM. This was the same configuration as the iPad 2, just scaled down to a smaller form factor. The world of tablet computing has moved forward to more powerful machines so it was time for Apple to do the same with the iPad Mini 2.

Apple has delivered the goods here with the jump to the A7 chip which brings 64 bit computing power to the mini platform. This brings the current iteration of the iPad Mini even closer to the computing power of a full fledged laptop and those who are upgrading to the new model will notice a significant improvement in performance and battery life. In our time with the iPad Mini 2 we could visibly see how fast it moved in and out of apps and even accessing the App Store was vastly improved. In plain English this means that the iPad Mini 2 CPU is four times faster and it’s graphics performance is eight times faster than the previous generation of iPad Mini.

You might be wondering if all of this new found power comes at the cost of reduced battery life and we’re happy to report that it does not. The iPad Mini 2 boasts a healthy 10 hour battery life. Lastly, the iPad Mini 2 uses two antennas and MIMO wireless technology to deliver twice the Wi-Fi performance of its older sibling.

Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – What’s Not To Like?

To be honest, aside from the usual “Apple vs the world” arguments there isn’t much to complain about here. Yes, if you go Apple you’re going to be locked in to the App Store ecosystem but if you’re already an iPhone or other iDevice user then that really doesn’t matter. Also, don’t forget that Apple devices are priced as premium products across the board so you will be paying more for the iPad Mini 2 than for competing products.
Apple is rolling out these big upgrades just in time to compete with its rivals such as the Kindle Fire HDX and the Google Nexus 7 which are also both getting some significant improvements. So if you’re not already invested in Apple you can also take a look at the competition to see what they have to offer and how it stacks up. Watch for some reviews of other devices on this site that will help you with your decision making process.

Ipad Mini 2 Reviews – Conclusions

iPad Mini 2 Reviews - Every Inch An iPad

iPad Mini 2 Reviews – Every Inch An iPad

The jump to the A7 CPU makes the iPad Mini 2 a powerhouse in the realm of small form factor tablets. Apple delivers a sleek, high performance tablet that will provide more power than many users are expecting. Couple this the with beautiful Retina Display and the iPad Mini 2 is a must buy for those who like the Apple architecture and ecosystem. It’s faster, better looking and more feature packed than the current iteration of the iPad Mini and comes in at about ¾ of a pound total weight. To be honest it’s pretty much everything we were hoping for in the next generation of the iPad Mini and more and we can’t wait until release day comes and we can get our own iPad Mini 2!

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